Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Creation of a Genre" or "Orwell and Ferriss"

There is a crazy type of books that I like. I do not know if they all fall in the same genre, other than mind-blowing, life-changing text, but then again I do not know if that is a genre in the proper sense of the word. And all loyal readers (all two of them at this point) know that I must have everything proper.

Okay so now that I am feeling the coffee and slightly rambling I will share with you the books I have by my side that will form the backbone of this new genre I am creating as I go. I am going to try to track them in order if I can so you can see the evolution of this genre.
Now the two books I am reading now are the first and newest books in this genre. Okay here is the list I may go more in-depth in some of them at later dates:
Now I think this represents a small selection of books in this genre, the Canon perhaps of the new way of looking at life. I will steal a term from Ferriss and call the genre "Lifestyle Design" I am going to start using that term when discussing this type of thing.

Okay the two beside me now are Down and Out, which I have never read before. It is amazing so far. I am only 40 pages into it now, but the writing is so forward, and ranting like. It is one of the main text that inspired me to do this blog. His way of just laying out what is going on now matter how harsh or real it is. He is not scared to write about anything, which is of course true also in his later works. I will rant more about this book later in it's own post after I read more of it.

The other book is the Expanded and Updated version of 4-Hour Workweek, which is a mind-blowing book that everyone who is reading this blog or in fact anyone that reads at all should get now and read. Ferriss is amazing and coined the term which I named this genre after; Lifestyle Design, and he explains how to do just that is a very easy to read and informative way. I say this not having read the new version yet, but having read through the older version multiple times and also listening to the entire book of CD as I was traveling. WOW is all I can say. You will notice I have a quote at the top of the blog that will change from time to time; (I am quote junkie as you will learn) the next few quote will come out of this amazing book as he is a more of a quote junkie than me or Brother Catfish are.

Okay now coffee is empty and I need a refill. I am going to go get some more coffee and mess with Mafia Wars for a little while before the game. More in-depth reviews and breakdowns of these and many wonderful books coming in the future.


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