Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas

Christmas Eve, it is always interesting. It's like people are in anticipation of Christmas Day, so they can eat too much, get presents, and spending time with there whole family. I know for some it is wonderful and for others it is torture. Since none of my family lives close by I will be here with my online family instead. I have a really good friend who is spending her first Christmas single so I will talk to her some I am sure and also I am excited about starting Problogger's Program, "31 Days to Building a Better Blog"

I want to chronicle my work with this program but I do not think I am going to blog about it here. So my plan is to start another blog. I will use this other blog to discuss the day's lesson and my progress. My readers will see the changes take place here, but can read about what exactly I am doing on my other blog. This will allow me to go through the program but not rant about it too much here.

For now though getting everything in place on the other blog. I am going to spend the rest of the night reading Michael Connelly's book; The Closers and spend tomorrow working hardcore on this blog and tweaking the other one. It will be a good Christmas!

My friend Brandon has requested that I give him something for his weekly podcast, which you can listen to here. He is looking for other people to contribute to them too, so if you think of anything you want to rant about let him know. He is a very good Brother and good people!

Okay dear readers I am going to go and read for the evening. Will have a lot to post tomorrow. So stay tuned!


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