Monday, December 21, 2009

Evening Reading List

I was going to work on this mythic mystery scene review, but instead I got sucked into reading blog post and writing articles all evening. Now as the night descends on the Ozarks I will give you some links to things I have been reading and a few words on them...
  • Writing to a quota: This article is on the amazing LA Writers Store. Most of thier seminars, and books are geared towards screenwriting since this is THE screenwriting store in Hollywood. This article covers a very important issue for all of us. Writing under pressure. If you have ever done any online content writing, or any sort of writing on a deadline then you are familiar with the feeling of panic and presssure that comes with that type of writing life. Well this article has a few good ideas about this "problem" and perhaps for some of is a solution.
  • Blog Money: This blog post comes to us from Copyblogger and is a very good analysis of how to make money with a blog. It offered a real look at this format of writing and how in effects our income. This is a good article for people who want to make money with their blog. It pointed out a few good things I had not thought of. But I will let you read the article and find them out for yourself.
  • Problogger Workbook: I am thinking about going through this workbook. I think I have a copy of it somewhere. I going to look in a few minutes and if not I will buy a copy ASAP. If I decide to do this program than you will hopefully see this blog transform. I think I will out this workbook on my Xmas reading list.
Well now you see what I have been up to this evening. I am going to watch a hour of My Name is Earl and look for that workbook on my computer. I will post back here later with the review hopefully.


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