Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year everyone! It will be a good year for all of us! 2009 was an interesting year for me. I learned a lot about myself, a lot about writing, a lot about this virtual world we all live in. I hope to learn as much or more in 2010!

I usually do not make new year's resolutions, but this year I decided to make a writing oath to myself.

I have been studying The Art of Dramatic Writing by: Lajos Egri for a few months and it is going to be my guidebook on the quest I am embarking upon. My quest is none other than the search for the Holy Grail itself. It is my opinion the reason that man has been searching for the grail for hundreds of year and has yet to "find it" is that, in essence, the grail quest is a personal quest.

I will write a play this year! This has always been a mind blowing undertaking to me, but I think I am ready.

I am going to attempt to do a crime/mystery play. I got a copy of The Major Plays by: Anton Chekhov to use as examples. I have only read one play by Chekhov; The Sea Gull, but the book I just got has all five major plays, so now I have more reading than I can handle right now.

Also me and my friend Brother Catfish have been talking about planning on moving to New Orleans in the fall, so I would like to have my first play done by then.

Okay I am going to go read till I pass out. Still recovering from last night. Good party and I have people in from out of town staying with me too.


bradleycarroll on January 11, 2010 at 12:40 PM said...

I had so much work to do that I didn't feel like I was able to get as much "Quality Kang Time", just hangin out and talking, as I would've liked. This is a deficiency on my part and not yours...but a necessary one so Erin dosn't have to have the baby next to a dumpster. Still I'll take waht I can get and I'm 100% glad I got to spend what time I did. Hopefully when next I see you, I'll have things down enough to where we can go on a random drive or hit a random bar or coffeeshop.

I am probably going to looking over that realism book (can't remember if you loaned it or flat-out gave it; probably loaned it?) sometime this year and possibly here in the next several months. Plus I think I'm gonna order _New Orleans Sketches_ just as soon as I get a bit of money from this one guy.

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